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AAPI-K. N. Mullick Charitable Clinic, Khalilabad, UP, India

(An Unit Of Subhas Mullick Foundation, Gorakhpur, UP, India)

01Subhas Mullick Foundation, Gorakhpur, UP, India founder of AAPI-K. N. Mullick Charitable Clinic in 2007, which is a prestigious project of the foundation. Registered office of Subhash Mullick Foundation is situated at P Chandra Chamber, Shahi Building, Cinema Road, Gorakhpur, UP, India. The Foundation is a registered trust, income of which is exempt from Income tax. The Foundation is also registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act which permits it to accept donations from foreign citizens without prior permission from Govt. of India. The Foundation has received prestigious certificate from Income tax Department of India u/s 80 G(5)(vi) which allows to Indian donors to get exemption from income tax in India.

AAPI-K. N. Mullick Charitable Clinic is getting financial and other supports from AAPI Foundation USA as well as sons of Prominent Educationalist Late K. N. Mullick, who devoted his entire life for promotion of education and loved to stay & work in a backward area of Khalilabad.

The clinic has presently two branches-

(i) Opposite H. R. Inter College, K. N. Mullick Road, Khalilabad, Distt.-Sant Kabir Nagar (U. P.), India

(ii) Vill.-Pathkhauli, Khalilabad, Distt.-Sant Kabir Nagar (U. P.), India

Khalilabad clinic is running on weekly basis while Pathkhauli clinic on bi- weekly basis. Total number of patients on these clinics is around 600 per month. Both the clinics are well equipped with necessary facilities and infrastructure. There is facility for outdoor patients only.

Presently following two doctors are involved in the clinic-

(i) Dr. Vivek Khanna, MBBS and

(ii) Dr. B. Rai, MBBS

All patients coming to the clinic for treatment are given free consultancy as well as free medicines for all common problems. In case it is found that patients needs some specific checkup and treatment, such cases are referred to such hospitals or specialty centers where proper facilities are available.

Time to time medical camps are also organized by the clinics which various from 2 to 5 camps per year and records shows that in each camp around 500 patients have participated. In these camps Lady Doctor, ENT Doctor, Eye Doctor and sometimes Cardiologist are also available for general public. Some tests like B. P., Sugar and ECG are also made available free to the patients attending these camps. In eye camp cataract patients are referred to district hospital for operation. Free spectles are distributed to the needy patients. The camp is organized in villages and remote areas for needy and poor people, who are normally not aware for their medical fitness because of lack of knowledge, illiteracy, awareness and financial problems. In such camps, the clinic educates to the patients attending the camps about various common dieses through various means like slides, banners, hand bills and doctors presentation. With the help of supervision of the physicians of Govt. hospital, Medical College and other eminent physicians such as Eye, Mother-Child Care, General Medical Awareness and vaccination program and camps are also organized from time to time. Financial help is provided to the needy and poor people for advance treatment and maintenance. Wheel chairs have also been distributed to the needy people.

In case of natural disasters and calamities the clinic provides necessary aid and facility in the affected area for common dieses.

Many specialty camps are also organized like Orthopedic Health Camps, Compressive Pain Management, Nutritional & School Health and these camps have got good response.

One unique project has been undertaken by the clinic and i.e. visit by two physicians every month in remote areas and during the visit doctors try to educate the people about their physical, mental and emotional health. No camp is organized in this project but people of area are invited to attend a class of the physicians. Some Yoga Practices including meditation is also a part of this project so that awareness could be developed in the general public for maintenance of health without external medicines or aids. People suffering from psychiatric problem are treated in a different manner and such patients are advised to involve themselves in selfless services and to practice some specific yogic practices which include Yoga Nidra also.

Future projects of the clinic are to maintain an Ambulance for general public, equip the clinic for minor surgery and provide facilities for women for delivery cases, awareness campaign for family planning and aids. Also it is proposed to run a full fledge ophthalmic center for all six days in a week. Also basic lab, X-ray machine and some testing equipments are proposed to be installed in the clinic as soon as finance and other related issues are solved.

One more ambitious project of the Foundation is to setup rotations for medical students, residents and other physicians from USA & India in our clinics to participate in the activities of the Clinic with the aim to provide services to the needy, underdeveloped society and to the person living below poverty level and also to work on their project, if any, related with the rural medical needs in India for which all necessary facilities & setup will be provided by the Foundation.

The clinic is also considering to organize immunization camps in the villages and remote areas through the association and help of CMO and staff of Civil Hospital of the district. CMO of Sant Kabir Nagar has given assurance to provide help and medicine in these camps.

The trust has a plan to start mother child care center in very near future. In this project it has been decided that the pregnant women would be given proper education during the period of pregnancy so that they could understand how to take the health related issue of the newly born babies. It is also proposed that up to a certain stage all medical facilities would be provided to a mother and newly borne baby. For this purpose it is also proposed to employ a full time qualified lady doctor, preferably Gynecologist.

The trust has also decided to provide necessary education and medical facilities to persons suffering from hypertension for this purpose it is proposed that people suffering from hypertension would be called to attend a workshop on the issue to be organized by the trust from time to time with the aim to spread the social awareness amongst public. The patients of hypertension would be given free of cost medicine and follow up also would be done by the doctor and staff to be involved in this project.

Prabir Mullick, M. D., is liaison officer of the clinic in USA and Mr. Dilip Mullick, an industrialist of USA and brother of Dr. Prabir Mullick are sincerely involved to develop the clinic as an ideal clinic and are helping to the clinic financially and otherwise from time to time. They also devote their valuable time for studying the progress of the clinic and planning for future projects.

Rtn. CA. P. C. Gupta, FCA of Gorakhpur (U. P.), India is liaison person of AAPI in India. He is involved in financial management & tax matters of the Foundation.

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